Marathon County Communications Officer Awarded with Sheriff’s Commendation After Incident

Communications Officer Shelby Jansen
Communications Officer Shelby Jansen, photo courtesy Marathon County Sheriff's Office

Marathon County Awards Sheriff’s Commendation to Communications Officer Shelby Jansen

MARATHON COUNTY, WI (OnFocus) – (From the Sheriff’s Office) On March 30, 2022, at 2224 hours, Communications Officer Shelby Jansen demonstrated great resolve utilizing her natural intuition and exceptional skills, aided by the tools available to her, to prevent a tragic incident from occurring.

While working in the Communications Center on an unrelated radio channel, Jansen overheard a conversation occurring on another 911 call. During this same time, Jansen received a call from a neighboring county regarding a suicidal male. She quickly linked it with the ongoing 911 call within Marathon County involving a report of a suspicious male possibly armed with a gun.

Although the locations were not exact, they were in proximity to one another. Jansen’s intuition caused her to believed these were one of the same and she felt the male subject might be planning a suicide by cop action based on the information being obtained. Jansen relayed this information to her co-workers and the responding Deputies.

Jansen was correct. After the male was taken into custody, he admitted to a Deputy he was planning to commit suicide by cop by ramming the Deputies squad cars upon their arrival. As a result of Jansen’s efforts and astute behavior, she aided in the safe and desired resolution to this call.

Focus and reaction are key elements, which are enshrined in Jansen’s character and impressive performance. She is an example for others. For exceptional service, Communications Officer Shelby Jansen was awarded a Sheriff’s Commendation on June 13, 2022.

Congratulations Shelby on a job well done!!!

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