Lonely Duck Rescued from Marshfield Pond

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OnFocus – For the last couple of months, Marshfield Area Pet Shelter (MAPS) and Marshfield Police Department have been contacted numerous times about a lonely duck sitting by himself on the pond by Nelson-Jameson, Inc. south of town.

“Many concerned citizens placed food there for him and a concerned citizen even brought him a little house,” said Karen Rau, MAPS Executive Director.

“I drive by him four time a day and it just broke my heart,” said Bridget Boehning, a Certified Vet Tech at Wildwood Animal Hospital who has been keeping an eye on the duck and pushing for his rescue. “Hopefully he can get rehab and fly again.”

Today, Warden Erica Taylor with the Wisconsin DNR was contacted and she, with her certified dog Sophie, came to assist Officers Bob Larsen, Kayla Wolf and Anthony Klein with the rescue.

“We are happy to report Dudley the duck, who was unable to fly and relocate himself, is now in the very capable hands of the amazing Raptor Education Group, Inc. in Antigo for rehabilitation,” MAPS said in a statement. “This is what team work and compassion can accomplish for all of God’s little creatures.”

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