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Auburndale, WI (OnFocus) Little Sprouts Learning Garden in Auburndale is a perfect example of what it means to be truly involved in a community.

When Gage Zellner, a member of the Little Sprouts “family,” was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia earlier this year, Little Sprouts helped get the word out about events that would raise money for him and his family. Aside from using their Facebook page to share all events in and around Auburndale, they also help with the organization of his benefits and collect helpful items for the family at the center.

Along with supporting Gage, Little Sprouts Learning Garden supports other members of their community. Little Sprouts works with the school district to allow high school students the opportunity to visit the daycare for part of their school day based on which classes they take. This helps students not only experience what it’s like to work with children, but gives them the chance to see if childcare is a field they would like to continue to learn more about in college and beyond.

Little Sprouts Learning Garden is the perfect example of how a small business can make a huge difference in the lives of members of the community. Little Sprouts works with a local life coach so that during the summer months, young adults with special needs can work at the daycare with the assistance of a program that focuses on Great Outcomes Achieving Long-term Success, or G.O.A.L.S. for short.

G.O.A.L.S. works with individuals in gaining employment in specific fields that they are interested in, with a specialty in helping those who have cognitive and physical disabilities, or those who struggle with a mental illness. Little Sprouts Learning Garden wholeheartedly cares about their community and all who live in it.

For more information on Little Sprouts, check out their Facebook page, Little Sprouts Learning Garden, or give them a call at 715-451-1512.

Roarin’ for Gage: Little Sprouts Learning Garden in Auburndale Helps Support Boy with Leukemia

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