Letter to the Editor

OnFocus- The Marshfield Firefighters are proud to announce our support for Bob McManus as City of Marshfield Mayor. For anyone who may not have had the opportunity to meet Bob, he is a very passionate and personable individual.

Bob McManus

His passion and personality show in his willingness to initiate conversation throughout our city departments and community. He is a problem solver that will listen to all sides of an issue and make decisions based on facts. Bob’s financial knowledge will prove to be an asset for our city leaders as they continue to plan for the future.

Bob McManus has previous experience working in public safety and an understanding of the resources that are needed to provide a top level of service to the City of Marshfield citizens and our visitors. On April 3rd vote for a person with the passion and experience our city needs. Vote for Bob McManus as City of Marshfield Mayor.

-Submitted to FOCUS by Jason Schad, Marshfield Fire & Rescue Department

Bob McManus answers what this endorsement means to him. 

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