Kittens Found in Box by Highway 97 Get Second Chance

MAPS photo of the kittens upon rescue

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – Three tiny kittens found in a box along HWY 97 are on the path to a better life, thanks to a vigilant postal worker and Marshfield Area Pet Shelter (MAPS).

“Do you believe in miracles? We do! We see them every day and we were hoping for a miracle for these three tiny kittens,” MAPS Executive Director Karen Rau wrote in the nonprofit’s Tuesday newsletter. “They were found in a box along Hwy 97 by a postal carrier. Thin, malnourished, starving and frail, we feared they would not survive. Our medical staff watched them carefully every single day.

With fluids, extra warmth, and syringe feeding a special diet every few hours throughout the day, we hoped their little bodies would hold on while they received the care they desperately needed. Despite some ups and downs, they got a bit better every day for a month.

The kittens after some much-needed TLC!

Then one day they discovered their toys and they began to play. We couldn’t believe our eyes. When they arrived, they were skin and bones, but they are survivors! Now, at two months old, they are in a loving foster home until they are strong enough to come back to the shelter.

We named them Stamp, Mailbox and Postage in honor of the person who rescued them. THIS is our lifesaving work.”

This Giving Tuesday, donations to Marshfield Area Pet Shelter will be matched (up to $3000) thanks to generous donors. DONATE HERE.

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