K9 Ace Helps with Port Edwards Drug Bust

K9 Ace Drug Bust/Photo Courtesy Wood County Sheriff Dept

OnFocus – A recent investigation and K-9 deployment in the town of Port Edwards led to two subjects being arrested on drug related charges, Wood County Sheriff’s Department announced today.

K-9 Ace was deployed and the following items were located:

  • Methamphetamine – 100.7 grams – 1007 dosage units = $10,070 if sold in gram quantities
  • Fentanyl – 6.6 grams – 66 dosage units = $1,320 if sold in gram quantities
  • Xanax (Alprazolam) – 150 pills – 150 dosage units – $2,250 if sold at single pill quantities
  • Small amount of THC
  • A scale, copper spoon as well as other paraphernalia,
  • Numerous gem type baggies for sales/distribution.

The total potential street value of all substances totals approximately $13,640.

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