Hornets Stung the Rockets at Colby High School

Colby had a lead and kept it until the end, winning 59-46 and launching the rockets to 8th in the conference.

Hailey Voelker and Emma Peavey led the Hornets with 19 points each, followed by Olivia Vollrath with 6.

For the Rockets Heavyn Kind earned 20 points, Amber Becker had 9 and Elena Post added 8.

The Hornets are now 10-5 in the conference with a seasonal record of 11-7.

8th place belongs to the Rockets with a conference record of 3-12 and 6-13 in the season.

Colby will be hosting Granton on Monday, which will give them the chance to clinch 3rd in the conference.

Spencer will be hosting Abbotsford on Monday, Feb 17th in a non-conference clash.


Steven Okonek
Author: Steven Okonek