Hewitt Meat Processing Targeted in Facebook Scam

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Be Cautious When Accepting Friend Requests from Businesses

Marshfield Police Department is cautioning Facebook users to be wary of a scam involving Hewitt Meat Processing’s Facebook page.

“If you receive a Facebook friend request from Hewitt’s Meat Processing . . . it is a scam to prompt you to enter personal information because you ‘WON’. Hewitt’s Meats is friendly, but you did not win anything from them,” the department said in a statement.

Residents are also reporting similar type scams related to Marshfield DQ and other dairy processors locally.

Marshfield Insurance has dealt with an increase in digital liability claims in recent years. CEO Nick Arnoldy advises small business owners to consider a digital liability policy for their own protection.

“In light of recent events it’s important to discuss your exposures with your agent. If a 3rd party poses as your business, are you liable? Maybe… but more than likely not,” said Arnoldy. “It would depend on if any data of yours was stolen by the third party. Even so, you can still be involved in litigation and cyber liability can help.”

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