Free N95 Masks Now Available In Wood County

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WISCONSIN RAPIDS, WI (Submitted to OnFocus) – In an effort to increase access to high-quality masks to control the spread of COVID-19, the federal government has shipped N95 and KN95 masks across the United States to be given to the public.

N95 and KN95 masks provide better protection against COVID-19 compared to other mask types because they filter out more airborne particles. Previously, the CDC did not recommend the general public to wear N95 or KN95 masks in order to reserve them for healthcare workers. However, these masks are now more widely available.

N95 masks used in a healthcare setting must be fit-tested due to the higher risk activities/exposures in these settings. Fit-testing ensures proper seal, but is not required for the general public’s use of these masks. Even without fit-testing, this type of mask will provide a better fit for most, if worn properly.

The Wood County Health Department received our shipment from the State of Wisconsin this week and have distributed N95 masks to multiple locations throughout Wood County. FREE N95 masks will be available (while supplies last) during municipal office hours if applicable, at town/board meetings, and during elections. The following municipalities have agreed to have masks available for the public to pick up:

  • City of Pittsville                   · Town of Sigel
  • Town of Auburndale             · Town of Wood
  • Town of Grand Rapids          · Village of Arpin
  • Town of Hansen                   · Village of Auburndale
  • Town of Marshfield               · Village of Biron
  • Town of Port Edwards          · Village of Hewitt
  • Town of Rudolph                  · Village of Milladore
  • Town of Sherry                    · Village of Port Edwards

Masks are also available at the following locations:

  • Marshfield Area United Way
  • Marshfield Clinic Health System YMCA
  • United Way of South Wood & Adams County
  • Wood County Clerk’s Office
  • Wood County Health Department

Learn how to properly wear and store your N95 mask

If you are 2 years or older, you should wear a mask indoors in public. With the high level of community transmission, you should assume you may be a close contact to someone who is COVID-19 positive when in public and at events.

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