Clinic Nephrologist, Researcher Awarded Gwen D. Sebold Fellowship for Outstanding Research

Caption: Dr. Robert Haws received the 2017 Gwen D. Sebold Fellowship for Outstanding Research. Pictured are, from left, Dewey Sebold, Kellie Haws, Dr. Haws, and Dani Sebold.

Pediatric Nephrologist Dr. Robert Haws Recently Honored

Submitted to FOCUS – A nationally-recognized Marshfield Clinic researcher was awarded the 30th Gwen D. Sebold Fellowship for Outstanding Research.

Marshfield Clinic Pediatric Nephrologist Dr. Robert Haws was honored Oct. 11 in a program at Marshfield Clinic’s Melvin R. Laird Center, Marshfield.

The fellowship has been given by D. David “Dewey” Sebold, who resides in Medford, since 1988 to recognize an outstanding medical researcher and support continued research in his or her field. Sebold is a former president and CEO of Tombstone Pizza, a company he helped guide to become the No. 1 brand of frozen pizza in America. He also has served on the boards of many organizations, including as an original member of Marshfield Clinic’s National Advisory Council.

Under Haws’ research and guidance, Marshfield Clinic has become an international destination for individuals suffering from Bardet-Biedl Syndrome (BBS). BBS is a rare genetic condition that impacts multiple body systems. Patients with BBS can experience problems with obesity, intellectual impairments, renal anomalies, polydactyly, retinal degeneration and hypogenitalism.

Marshfield Clinic’s BBS Center of Excellence has served BBS patients from more than 24 states and two foreign countries. Haws also created the Clinical Registry for Investigating Bardet-Biedl Syndrome (CRIBBS).

Haws, who joined Marshfield Clinic in 2004, is known for the personal connection he makes with his patients, whom he considers to be his friends.

“I think research is so much more beneficial when you do it for your friends because then you’re doing it because you love them,” Dr. Haws said. “And you want the very best for them.”

The Sebold Fellowship also honors the memory of Sebold’s sister, Gwen Sebold, who joined Marshfield Clinic as a medical stenographer in 1955 and died in July 1974. Fellowship winners receive $5,000 and a memorial plaque presented by Sebold in memory of Gwen.

“It was amazing to read the nomination letters written on your behalf listing your many accomplishments, contributions to research and the dedication to your patients and their families who are affected by this rare and difficult disease,” said Sebold.

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