City Receives Complaint Against Two Members of the Police and Fire Commission

Complaint Received Against PFC Members

Marshfield (OnFocus) Less than two weeks after the Marshfield Common Council voted 8-2 to remove Bob McManus from his position as Mayor of Marshfield, the City has received a complaint against the members of the Police and Fire Commission that publicly addressed concerns.

In the summer of 2018, then Mayor Bob McManus requested information pertaining to how he as Mayor could remove members of the Police and Fire Commission.

McManus asked City Administrator Steve Barg in an August 2018 email, “What is the process to get rid of the Police and Fire Commission?”

This communication from McManus to City staff came after he addressed concerns over the police department’s Fit For Duty test and disappointment with the actions of Fire Chief Scott Owen.

City staff acknowledged that they received a complaint against PFC members Andy Keogh and Randy Gershman, however commented that at this time it is unknown if the complaint reaches the legal requirements. At this time, the City Attorney is reviewing the complaint.

If the complaint does reach the legal requirements, the City must allow the appointed officials of the PFC 5 days to review, prior to taking any additional action or making the complaint public.

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