City Establishes Third Communications Team

Third Time’s the Charm for City Communications?


For many years, the City of Marshfield has struggled with communications, whether it be communicating to citizens about topical issues or educating on City services.

The City of Marshfield is again meeting to discuss communications, after the formation of a new Communications Committee – the second such committee to be formed in just two years and the third within the last decade.

The first Communications Committee was established in 2007, with the goal to better organize communication between government and its citizens, but discussion did not lead to any tangible outcomes.

Another “Communications Team” was formed in April 2017, comprised of a diverse group of government representatives and local media and communication experts. Discussions by this City Communications Team failed to produce a sustainable solution.

On May 22, Cable TV Committee chair Alanna Feddick made a presentation to the Common Council outlining MCTV’s capabilities and potential. At the June 26 meeting, City Administrator Barg asked the Mayor and Council for their thoughts on the presentation, and what they feel should be the role of MCTV in the City’s overall communications approach. A third Communications Committee was formed to evaluate these questions.

City leadership hopes this new committee, which does not contain any media representation or communications professionals, will better achieve its goal.

“It’s difficult to say how this committee might differ from previous ones, except that this discussion began with a review of MCTV, so perhaps more attention will be paid to that part of our overall communications effort,” said Barg. “My hope is that this committee brings back recommendations for review/consideration by the Council this fall.”

Their goal is to study and make recommendations on what the City wants for a communication plan, how to best reach this goal, and what role MCTV should play.

Communications Team Members are:
Bob McManus, Mayor
Nick Poeschel, Alderman
Tom Buttke, Alderman
Rick Gramza, Police Chief
Don Nystrom, Citizen
Bill Penker, Citizen

A representative from the cable committee will be on the communications committee.

The new Communications Team meets Monday, August 6 at 4:00 pm in Room 108 at City Hall. Residents are welcome and encouraged to call 715-486-2003 or e-mail [email protected] with their comments.

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