Boy Scout Griese Park Project Fulfills Family Idea

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Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) A boy scout’s Eagle Project picks up where his family left off.

Blake Zimmerman, member of Troop 382 and a recent graduate of Marshfield High School, finished a new wooden climbing structure at Griese Park this past week.

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“This project came to my attention when I found out that my older brother, for his own Eagle project, intended on this construction but was unable due to constraints that were present during the rest of his project,” he said. “Upon hearing this, I was set on completing the job that he had started many years ago.”

Set up near the existing climbing wall, the new structure is intended to be a fun addition for kids to enjoy in a park that Zimmerman himself has fond memories of.

“This park has always been a large part of my childhood. It is the closest park to my own home, so on sunny days I would always head down there to enjoy the weather,” he said. “The park was always a wondrous place in my eyes and will always hold a special place in my heart, so I’m excited to be able to add to it so that other kids and future generations will have similar magical experiences of their own there.”

Even a simple structure requires many design decisions. Zimmerman looked for expert help from family friend Lori Scholl, who printed the blueprints as a template for construction, and Parks Superintendent Ben Steinbach, who offered invaluable help in determining how to make the structure stable and hold it together.

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Wooden poles of treated cedar were provided by Haas Builders Supply. To build in the park, Zimmerman needed to present on his project and receive permission from the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Committee. Construction was completed quickly with help from Zimmerman’s troop.

“So far I have gained a deep appreciation for the people who regularly conduct public works projects. Going through the process myself, I see just how much hard work is required for even such a simple build as this, so the fact that others are able to do so much more under such intense circumstances is quite humbling to realize,” he said.

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