Black Bear at Large in Marshfield

Photo Courtesy of Trisha Mayer

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – A black bear is currently at large wandering the area of Peach/Vine in Marshfield (near Arnold). Marshfield Police Department has eyes on the bear and is working on contacting the DNR.

Update 7:21am: At Blodgett/Spruce heading west.

Update 7:27am: Currently southbound on Oak, off of Veterans.

Update: 7:30am: Near Wildwood trail off of Oak.

Update: According to the DNR, residents should report if the bear becomes a recurring issue. He is likely just making his way through. If a bear is becoming a nuisance, you may contact dispatch at 715-387-4394.

If a bear is near your home:

  • Wave your arms and make noise to scare it away.
  • Back away slowly and seek a safe location where you can wait for the bear to leave.
  • When scaring a bear away, make sure it has a clear escape route; never corner a bear.
  • If you encounter a bear while in the woods, stay calm and do not approach the bear.
  • Never approach a sow with cubs.
  • For your safety, do not attempt to break up a fight between your pet and a bear.

Black bears are naturally cautious animals that normally avoid contact with people for their safety, but conflicts between people and bears can arise. Additionally, bears can quickly learn to associate humans with food when food sources are available.

If a bear finds food, such as bird feed or garbage near your home or cabin, it will likely return for more. Bear visits are more likely to stop when food is no longer available. Bears will periodically check sites where food was once available, so it may take several days to weeks after a food source has been removed for a bear to completely discontinue visiting food sites.


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