2021-22 OnFocus Team of the Week Nominees Represent the best of Central Wisconsin

The 2021-22 schoolyear produced outstanding performances by student-athletes across central Wisconsin. Take a look at the nominees for the OnFocus Team of the Week, and get ready…. before we know it, area athletes and teams will be starring again soon!

Team of the Week
Pub Date
Date TEAM Sport
April 10 Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln Softball
April 10 Marshfield Softball
April 10 Mosinee Baseball
April 10 Medford Baseball
April 10 Pittsville Baseball
April 17 Almond-Bancroft Softball
April 17 Assumption Softball
April 17 Mosinee Softball
April 17 Medford Baseball
April 17 Marshfield Softball
April 24 Rhinelander G Soccer
April 24 Assumption G Soccer
April 24 Stratford Baseball
April 24 Auburndale Baseball
April 24 DC Everest G Soccer
May 1 Mosinee G Soccer
May 1 Merrill B Track
May 1 Auburndale Baseball
May 1 Loyal G Track
May 1 Colby G Track
May 8 Stratford Baseball
May 8 Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln Baseball
May 8 Mosinee Baseball
May 8 Amherst Baseball
May 8 SPASH B Tennis
May 15 Cadott Archery
May 15 AbbyColby Baseball
May 15 DCE G Soccer
May 15 Pacelli Baseball
May 15 Marshfield G and B Track
May 22 Colby G Track
May 22 Neillsville B Track
May 22 Manawa G and B Track
May 22 Marshfield G Track
May 22 SPASH B Track
May 22 Marathon G Track
May 22 Stratford B Track
May 22 Pittsville G Track
May 22 Wild Rose B Track
May 29 Newman Softball
May 29 Medford Softball
May 29 Marathon Softball
May 29 Assumption Softball
May 29 Edgar Softball
June 5 Stratford Baseball
June 5 Thorp Softball
June 5 Assumption Soccer/Softball
June 5 Mosinee Baseball
June 5 Edgar Softball
June 12 Mosinee Baseball
June 12 Kaukauna Softball
June 12 Assumption
Softball/G Soccer
June 12 Amherst Baseball
June 12 Columbus Catholic Baseball
Team of the Week
Pub Date
Date TEAM Sport
Dec 5 Pacelli G Bask
Dec 5 Neillsville G Bask
Dec 5 Loyal B Bask
Dec 5 Auburndale G Bask
Dec 5 Marshfield B Hockey
Dec 12 SPASH B Bask
Dec 12 Newman B Bask
Dec 12 Athens B Bask
Dec 12 Mosinee G Bask
Dec 12 Wausau West B Hky
Dec 19 Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln G Bask
Dec 19 Auburndale G Bask
Dec 19 Spencer G Bask
Dec 19 Colby B Bask
Dec 19 UW Badgers W VB
Dec 26 Pittsville B BSK
Dec 26 Marshfield B Hky
Dec 26 Central WI Storm G Hky
Dec 26 Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln Wrestling
Dec 26 Marathon B BSK
Jan 2 Mosinee G Bsk
Jan 2 Mosinee B Bsk
Jan 2 Marshfield Wrestling
Jan 2 Columbus Catholic B Bsk
Jan 2 Stratford B Bsk
Jan 2 SPASH B Bsk
Jan 9 Port Edwards B Bsk
Jan 9 Cadott G Bsk
Jan 9 Marshfield B Swim
Jan 9 Pacelli G Bsk
Jan 9 Athens B Bsk
Jan 16 Colby B Bsk
Jan 16 Neillsville G Bsk
Jan 16 SPASH B Swim
Jan 16 Spencer B Bsk
Jan 16 Athens B Bsk
Jan 23 Spencer G Bsk
Jan 23 Marathon B Bsk
Jan 23 Auburndale G Bsk
Jan 23 Mosinee B Bsk
Jan 23 Marshfield B Bsk
Jan 30 Phillips G Bsk
Jan 30 Marshfield Wrestling
Jan 30 Mosinee B Bsk
Jan 30 Colby B Bsk
Jan 30 Stratford Wrestling
Feb 6 Wausau West Wrestling
Feb 6 Medford Wrestling
Feb 6 Mosinee G Bsk
Feb 6 Marshfield B Bsk
Feb 6 SPASH B Swim
Feb 13 Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln G Bsk
Feb 13 Mosinee B Hky
Feb 13 Stratford B Wrestling
Feb 13 Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal B Wrestling
Feb 13 Marshfield B Wrestling
Feb 20 Wausau East G Bsk
Feb 20 Wausau West G Bsk
Feb 20 Pittsville G Bsk
Feb 20 Port Edwards G Bsk
Feb 20 Marshfield Gymnastics
Feb 20 SPASH B Hky
Feb 27 Auburndale G Bask
Feb 27 Phillips G Bask
Feb 27 Central WI Storm G Hky
Feb 27 Neillsville G Bask
Feb 27 Assumption G Bask
Feb 27 Edgar G Bask
Mar 6 Neillsville G Bask
Mar 6 Spencer B Bask
Mar 6 Medford/Colby Gymnastics
Mar 6 Assumption G Bask
Mar 6 Central WI Storm G Hky
Mar 13 Kettle Moraine G Bask
Mar 13 Waupun G Bask
Mar 13 Notre Dame G Bask
Mar 13 Randolph G Bask
Mar 13 Mineral Point G Bask
Mar 20 Lake Country Lutheran B Bask
Mar 20 Pewaukee B Bask
Mar 20 Roncalli B Bask
Mar 20 Randolph B Bask
Mar 20 Neenah B Bask


Team of the Week
Pub Date
Date TEAM Sport
Nov 14 Madison Edgewood Girls Swim
Nov 14 Colby Football
Nov 14 Rhinelander Girls Swim
Nov 14 Newmah Catholic Football
Nov 14 Coleman Football
Nov 7 SPASH Girls Swim
Nov 7 DCE Girls Swim
Nov 7 Newman Catholic Football
Nov 7 Amherst Football
Nov 7 Durand Football
Nov 7 Colby Football
Oct 31 Columbus Catholic Volleyball
Oct 31 Mosinee Volleyball
Oct 31 Stanley-Boyd Volleyball
Oct 31 SPASH Cross Country
Oct 31 Medford Cross Country
Oct 24 Athens Cross Country
Oct 24 Colby Cross Country
Oct 24 SPASH Cross Country
Oct 24 Medford Cross Country
Oct 24 Pacelli Cross Country
Oct 24 Mosinee B Soccer
Oct 24 Mosinee Volleyball
Oct 17 Colby Cross Country
Oct 17 Medford Cross Country
Oct 17 Wausau West Cross Country
Oct 17 Athens Football
Oct 17 Assumption Cross Country
Oct 10 Auburndale Volleyball
Oct 10 SPASH Cross Country
Oct 10 Columbus Catholic Volleyball
Oct 10 Pacelli Cross Country
Oct 10 Wisconsin Rapids Cross Country
Oct 3 Stratford Cross Country
Oct 3 Amherst Cross Country
Oct 3 Mosinee Volleyball
Oct 3 Marshfield Football
Oct 3 Gilman Football
Sep 26 Auburndale Football
Sep 26 Wisconsin Rapids Football
Sep 26 Pacelli Football
Sep 26 Wausau West Girls Tennis
Sep 26 Spencer/Columbus Football
Sep 19 S-B Football
Sep 19 Newman Football
Sep 19 Edgar Volleyball
Sep 19 Alma Center Football
Sep 19 Merrill Girls Swim
Sep 19 Phillips Football
Sep 19 Wausau East Girls Swim
Sep 19 SPASH Girls Swim
Sep 12 Athens Football
Sep 12 S/C Football
Sep 12 Stratford Cross Country
Sep 12 SPASH Girls Tennis
Sep 12 Colby Fpotball
Sep 5 Mosinee Cross Country
Sep 5 Medford Cross Country
Sep 5 Marshfield Volleyball
Sep 5 Assumption Football
Sep 5 SPASH Football
Aug 29 Auburndale Cross Country
Aug 29 Assumption Cross Country
Aug 29 Colby Football
Aug 29 Stratford Football
Aug 29 Mosinee Volleyball
Aug 22 Nekoosa Football
Aug 22 Abbotsford Football
Aug 22 Auburndale Football
Aug 22 S-B Football
Aug 22 Amherst Football


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David Keech
Author: David Keech

David Keech is a math teacher in Wisconsin Rapids and public address announcer for Abbotsord High School. He officiates basketball, baseball, and softball in central Wisconsin. He has reported on amateur sports since 2011, known as 'KeechDaVoice.' David can be reached at [email protected]