WRPS Reporting Caller Seeking Personal Info is a Scam 

Submitted to OnFocus – WRPS has been contacted by a handful of citizens who are receiving random phone calls from a number that appears to be a WRPS phone number (715-424-6757 for example).

Upon answering, the caller begins to ask about the citizen’s Social Security number.

“Please be aware that these are scam calls and that WRPS is not calling any households requesting any information or to discuss Social Security numbers,” WRPS said in a statement. “Unfortunately we have no means to prevent these deceptive ‘Caller ID Spoofing’ calls from occurring. We wanted to alert our community members about these calls, and would advise that disconnecting from these types of calls is likely the best course of action.”

Citizens are reminded to never give out identifying information (social security number, driver’s license number, etc) to anyone over the phone that they don’t know.

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