Wood County Voters Support Medical Marijuana

Wood County voters gave a split decision on two advisory questions on the April ballot relating to legalizing marijuana.

Wood County voters supported medical marijuana, with 11,597 voting “Yes” and 4,757 voting “No.” The question polled the county on legalizing medical marijuana and making it available by prescription. In the second question on recreational marijuana, 6,665 voted “Yes” and 9,861 voted “No.”

Wood County joined the Egg Harbor and Sturgeon Bay in holding referendums on marijuana legalization. In the other communities, both questions passed.

Currently, the use of marijuana in Wisconsin is illegal, though Gov. Tony Evers has proposed decriminalizing marijuana use and legalizing medical marijuana. This proposal has met opposition from Republican leaders in the legislature.

The ballot questions:

Should marijuana be legal for medical purposes only and available only by prescription through a medical dispensary? (Yes, No)

Should marijuana be legal for adults, 21 years of age and older, for recreational use to be taxed and regulated like alcohol? (Yes, No)

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Steven Okonek
Author: Steven Okonek