Wood County Sheriff’s Deputy Helps Save Life by Performing CPR

Deputy Alesha Brundidge/ Wood County Sheriff's Dept

OnFocus – Last weekend, Deputy Alesha Brundidge responded to an ambulance call in the township of Wood, near Pittsville.

According to Wood County Sheriff’s Department, Brundidge arrived before the ambulance and attended to a non-responsive female and started CPR. She also utilized an AED from her squad.

“Through Deputy Brundidges’s efforts, the female regained a pulse and started breathing on her own before being transported to the hospital,” the statement said. “Deputy Brundidge’s lifesaving measures helped make a difference in someone’s life.”

The person she helped is now recovering in the hospital.

“Our Deputies routinely respond to ambulance calls throughout our county,” the department stated. “Each squad is equipped with an AED so we can assist in these lifesaving situations. Periodically deputies arrive before an ambulance does.”

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