Wood County Sheriff’s Department Rescues Injured Eagle

Photo courtesy Wood County

OnFocus – Recently Wood County Highway Department personnel responded to remove a deer carcass from the highway. Once they arrived, they noticed a bald eagle that was injured. The eagle had also been struck by a vehicle while feeding on the deer carcass.

“As a reminder please call in car deer crashes when they happen to our dispatch center,” Wood County Sheriff Department said in a statement. “If the deer needs to be removed from the roadway let our dispatchers know so we can get someone there ASAP. It’s that time of year, so be careful driving. A car deer crash can happen at anytime.”

Thank you to Wood County Highway Worker/Rescue Member Dakota Blakeslee (pictured) who tended to the eagle, and Keren Mosie-Edwards who transported the injured eagle to the Raptor Education Group in Antigo. The eagle is there and recovered from its injuries.

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