Wood County Sheriff Issues Statement on Murder Conviction

Photo courtesy of Roberts family, via Wood County Sheriff

WOOD COUNTY, WI (OnFocus) – Wood County Sheriff Shawn Becker issued the following statement on Thursday about the John Sarver guilty verdict:

Yesterday a Wood County jury found John Sarver guilty of being party to the crime of the murder of Eleanore Roberts. This tragedy occurred almost 38 years ago at her home in the Township of Saratoga. Eleanore was stabbed to death and left in her bathroom where family members found her body.

The Wood County Sheriff’s Department, along with many other law enforcement agencies, continually investigated this brutal slaying since it was reported. We need to thank and recognize past and present members of the Sheriff’s Department who took part in this trial, especially retirees David Laude, Robert Levendoske and Jay Shroda. They discovered critical information and evidence and never gave up on this investigation.

Yesterday the Roberts family got the justice they deserved with the guilty verdict of Mr. Sarver. We want to thank the jury for their time and commitment they spent dealing with this trial. We know it was not easy taking a week and a half of their lives to be part of this. We are grateful for your service to Wood County.

Furthermore, we need to thank the Attorney General’s Office for their successful prosecution of John Saver. Without the Attorney General’s Office, we would not have seen justice served yesterday. Members of the prosecution team consisted of the following, AAG Adrienne Blais, AAG Nathaniel Adamson, Paralegal Rochelle Ederer, Paralegal Brittney Johnson, Office of Crime Victim Services Hannah Wrobel, and Office of Crime Victim Services Mary Ann Groth.

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