Woman Insults Waitstaff, Leaves Without Paying at Cadott Restaurant

Photo Courtesy Cadott Police Department

Cadott Police Department Seek Information

OnFocus – According to Cadott Police Department, on Wednesday a woman dining at Cadott Family Restaurant poured her beverage over the jam caddy at her table, opened the salt shaker and dumped it onto the floor and table, and used a number of “choice words” for the restaurant’s waitstaff of color. She then proceeded to leave without paying.

“To anyone who witnessed this disgusting scene and can help identify the woman in question or the vehicle in which she left: please contact our department. The woman arrived at approximately 10:45 and left at approximately 11:50 or so,” the Cadott Police Department wrote on social media.

They added: “To everyone: please be aware that this type of harmful behavior will not be tolerated in this Village. This is not only theft and disorderly conduct, but it is also shameful on both the woman who did it and our community as a whole. Be better.”

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