Wisconsin’s Statewide Mask Mandate Repealed

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OnFocus – Gov. Tony Evers’ mask mandate is immediately repealed today, after the State Assembly passed a resolution. The Assembly originally planned to vote later this month on a version that would have required the Senate to concur, but instead chose to vote now to end the mandate immediately.

Evers could still issue a new Emergency Order and another mask mandate.

(UPDATE, Evers did: http://www.onfocus.news/gov-evers-signs-new-public-health-emergency-requires-face-coverings-in-public/)

The mandate was first implemented in August and extended two separate times. It is currently scheduled to be in place until March 20.

There are currently just ten states without a statewide mask mandate. Some counties and municipalities have also passed mask mandates that are implemented locally. These would have been upheld regardless of today’s vote.

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