Wisconsin Rapids Woman Passionately Searches for Lost Dog

Hank/ If seen, do not approach. Ignore him and call 262-527-4949 right away.

Locals Encouraged to Keep a Lookout for Missing Dog “Hank”

UPDATE 9/27: Hank was found and is home safe. Details to come!

Wisconsin Rapids (OnFocus) – Maddie Palmquist is on a mission to bring her dog Hank home. While biking/running their usual route along the expressway in Wisconsin Rapids on Monday at 7:00pm, Hank was startled by two motorcycles.

“He pulled me off my bike and ran away from the scary noise,” said Palmquist. “Our usual running pace on the bike is between 8-10mph, which is his jogging pace. He was FLYING, he stopped once and wanted to come back a half a block ahead of me, but when the light turned green and the motorcycles took off again, he was gone (approximately 7:10pm).”

Someone reported Hank running ‘like the wind’ past the fire department and ShopKo parking lot, and he was seen running on a trail camera between 16th Street and 32nd Street at 7:26pm.

“That night, we drove around until 1:00am searching for him, but did not find him or see him,” said Palmquist. “We got up early Tuesday morning and started again. Tuesday morning, our close friend and her dog (Hank’s best dog friend) walked the road by our property between 32nd and Chestnut, and he popped out of the bushes, started to come to her, and then turned around and darted the other way.”

That was the last time anyone reported seeing Hank, who has now been missing for almost five days.

Palmquist has had Hank, who is now 1 year old, since he was 13 weeks-old.

“My husband and I got Hank after losing our Yellow lab, Wes, suddenly to Lymes Nephritis. We went with a brown dog because we knew that we would constantly compare any yellow boy to our Wes,” she said. “We also have a Yorkie (Bijou) who is 13 years old, he is a grumpy old man, and doesn’t particularly care for all of Hank’s antics, but will cuddle with him on his terms.”

Since bringing Hank home, Hank has spent every day with the Palmquist family.

“Since COVID, Hank has spent every day with me. He is stubborn, smart, cuddly, and very sneaky,” said Maddie. “We do morning walks, afternoon walks, and evening bike rides. On the weekends, we typically are on the river for a day of swimming, and fetch. When we are out on the water, we have to keep a close eye on him because he is known to sniff out and steal burgers, brats, and snacks. During the winter we snowshoe at our property. At night, Hank cuddles in bed, snoring most of the evening.”

She added that Hank is stubborn, testing her patience and ability to train a dog daily.

“He is smart, he knows his directional signs (right, left, forward), he knows how to ‘go home’ and will sprint a whole block home and wait by the front door when our walk is over. He is cuddly, sneaky, and has no ‘personal space’,” she said.

Palmquist has been working with Lost Dogs of Wisconsin, Wings of Hope, and others to search for her beloved Hank. She’s even established a Facebook page called “Bring Hank Home.”

“I am going all-out for Hank because he has been my shadow since he was 13 weeks-old,” she said. “Now, everywhere I go there is a big brown spot missing, in every room of my house, in my car, and in my heart. I am going all=out for Hank because he is the biggest mommas boy, and I know that he is out there… somewhere, trying to find his way back to me.”

Palmquist encourages everyone to share posts on the Bring Hank Home page, which she writes with tears in her eyes. Also, anyone with trail cameras is encouraged to check them daily.

“If they are outside, take a look around, look for his brown curly hair, amber eyes, and maybe his orange collar,” she said. “Whatever they do, DO NOT call him. If they see him, ignore him, and call or text me right way at 262-527-4949 (my phone number is also linked to the call button on the facebook page).” (Also call Nick, 715-451-6903.)

“He was approached by someone he knew, and didn’t want to come to her because he wasn’t his mom/dad,” said Palmquist. “I know that he misses us, and I think the only thing that will bring him in (outside of him finding his way back home on his own) will be seeing me or my husband.”

Palmquist would like to thank everyone who has helped so far, especially the Rapids community.

“The entire community has been helping so far, businesses are allowing for us to put up signs, people walking are willingly taking smaller fliers and keeping an eye on the area, our neighbors on Chestnut have checked their cameras, and allowed us to walk on their property, our friends and family have been out every day,” she said. “I will never be able to give enough out enough ‘thank yous’ to express how grateful I am for their help and support.”

“Special Shout out to Brad Smith with Wings of Hope Wisconsin – his organization typically finds and recovers people. Brad came to Rapids after a job in Minnesota, at 6pm with his equipment to help,” she added. “He helped to track Hank’s path in our neighborhood and helped provide comfort that Hank isn’t out there stuck somewhere, he is still moving around and active (we just need to figure out where). He has checked in with me every day since, asking for updates, and helping with ideas for how we can bring him home.”

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