Wisconsin Rapids Man Faces Charges for Homemade Bomb

The new look. Wood County Sheriff's Department/FB

Charges are being requested against 36-year-old Sean Curry after an investigation into a bomb-like device.

The the Marathon-Oneida County Bomb Squad responded to Curry’s Wisconsin Rapids home to investigate a suspicious device located in the backseat of a vehicle by Wood County Sheriff’s deputies. The 12-inch device had the characteristics of a homemade bomb with several shotgun shells in a tube wrapped up in electric tape, nails wrapped at the end, and a possible push button for activation.

It was determined not to be active and was removed. The investigation showed Curry made the device and used it to intimidate people.

The Wood County Sheriff’s Department stated the public was not in any danger and it’s not believed there was any intent to place the device in any public area.


Marathon-Onieda County Bomb Squad Called to Investigate Alleged Bomb