Wisconsin Fastpitch Softball Coaches Association All-Star Game Information

The Wisconsin Fastpitch Softball Coaches Association has announced details for its 2021 All-Star Game, including the game schedule, rosters and financial links for players as they raise money for Special Olympics.


Wisconsin’s top seniors compete annually in the WFSCA Senior All-Star Game. Nominated by their coaches and selected for their softball accomplishments throughout their high school careers, the seniors come to Wisconsin Dells on the Monday and Tuesday after the WIAA state tournament for the all-star event. The players are provided with lodging for Monday night.

Each player is placed on a team with her peers, and the teams practice on Monday under the direction of a high school coach from the state. On Monday evening, all of the all-stars are recognized at a formal banquet. On Tuesday, each player competes in two games against other all-star teams.

The seniors who are selected for this honor must raise money for the event, portions of which will be donated to Special Olympics. Each player and her sponsors will be recognized on an individual page on the WFSCA website.

2021 WFSCA All Star Game Schedule
Tuesday, July 13, 2021
Woodside Sports Complex in Wisconsin Dells
Time Field Teams
9:00 AM 9 Division 2/3 Black vs Division 2/3 Gray
10 Division 2/3 Red vs Division 2/3 White
11 Division 4/5 Gray vs. Division 4/5 Green
12 Division 4/5 Blue vs Division 4/5 Red
10:30 AM 9 Division 1 Red vs Division 1 White
10 Division 1 Blue vs Division 1 Black
11 Division 2/3 Green vs Division 2/3 Blue
12 Division 4/5 Black vs Division 4/5 White
12:00 PM 9 Division 1 Gray vs Division 1 Green
10 Division 2/3 Gray vs Division 2/3 Red
11 Division 2/3 Blue vs Division 2/3 Black
12 Division 4/5 White vs Division 4/5 Blue
1:30 PM 9 Division 1 Black vs Division 1 Red
10 Division 2/3 White vs Division 2/3 Green
11 Division 4/5 Green vs Division 4/5 Black 12
3:00 PM 9
Division 4/5 Red vs Division 4/5 Gray
Division 1 Green vs Division 1 Blue
Division 1 White vs Division 1 Gray
Home team is listed first

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