Wildwood Zoo’s “Tom” the Mountain Goat Dies

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OnFocus –  It is with the utmost regret, the City of Marshfield Parks & Recreation Department announces the death of the male Mountain goat at Wildwood Zoo.

“Tom” was transferred to Wildwood Zoo in 2019 through a partnership with the Washington
Department of Fish and Wildlife. He shared his exhibit with Ruby who was also transferred
as part of that same project. Tom and Ruby were being monitored after unusual papillomas
(tumors) were noted around both goats’ eyes and mouths. When broad spectrum antibiotics failed to resolve the issue, the decision was made to immobilize Tom and biopsy the tissue in an attempt to learn more about the cause of the ailment.

All chemical immobilizations and anesthesia carry inherent risks. Unfortunately, Tom did not tolerate the anesthesia and reversal process. Understanding the risks associated with any given procedure does not make accepting them any easier when they do occur.

The zoo staff and veterinary team will use the results of the tissue biopsy taken from Tom to determine the best course of action for Ruby, the remaining Mountain Goat at Wildwood

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