Wildwood Zoo’s Peregrine Falcon Dies

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MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) -The City of Marshfield Parks & Recreation Department
regretfully announces the loss of Tuck, the peregrine falcon, at the Wildwood Zoo. He
was humanely euthanized recently due to his deteriorating physical condition and
perceived quality of life.

As the fastest animals in the world, peregrine falcons can be high-strung and, despite many modifications that were made to his exhibit and husbandry to improve his comfort, his signs of stress manifested in physical harm that continued to increase as he aged.

Tuck was welcomed to the zoo in 2011 as an adult from a rehabilitation center in Arizona
after he was found in the wild with a fractured right wing and injured cere. Like all the
birds at Wildwood Zoo, he is a former rehab patient that had recovered but can no longer
survive on his own in the wild.

Tuck was a favorite of visitors with his beautiful coloring and fascinating natural history.
He will be greatly missed. The exhibit will remain empty until a rehabilitation center has
a bird available for placement.

As always, the Parks and Recreation staff appreciates your continued support of
Wildwood Park and Zoo.

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