Wildwood Zoo Welcomes New Mountain Goat

mountain goat wildwood zoo
Hemlock, photo courtesy City of Marshfield

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – Wildwood Zoo is excited to announce the arrival of “Hemlock”, a male mountain goat. On April 26, 2022, the yearling goat arrived from the Dakota Zoo in Bismarck, North Dakota. He is described by his animal care team as “a very confident and curious individual” and he has adapted to his new surroundings with ease.

Hemlock will be joining the current female mountain goat, “Ruby”. Ruby has lived at Wildwood Zoo since 2019 when she and a male goat named “Tom” were placed through a partnership with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Tom unfortunately passed away in 2020 during a medical immobilization. Ruby has been temporarily relocated to an adjacent pasture space to allow Hemlock as much time as he needs to adapt to his new surroundings. Both goats can be viewed on the Zoo’s Upper Pond Drive. As of the time of this release, Hemlock is quite a bit smaller than Ruby, but he will eventually surpass her in size.

The iconic mountain goat is probably most recognized by its striking white coat, gently swept black horns and white beard. Interestingly, they are not true goats but closely related. They are often found living above the tree line at elevations exceeding 13,000 feet; the largest mammal to inhabit such high altitudes. Mountain goats are excellent climbers and can easily scale steep, rocky slopes. Both males and females grow horns and beards, however each grows longer on males. Males are known as “billies”, females “nannies” and their young are called “kids”. Mountain goats can be found throughout the Rocky Mountains, Cascade Range, and other mountainous areas throughout the western mountain chain system in North America.

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