Wildwood Zoo Elk Humanely Euthanized Due to Old Age

Courtesy of Wildwood Zoo and Park on Facebook.

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – Wildwood Zoo announced on Thursday that it had humanely euthanized one of their elk cows, “Persnickety”.

The elk was born at Wildwood Zoo on June 5th, 2002 and spent her whole life in captivity, roaming about the Elk exhibit at the park.

She was known to the Zookeepers as being a little difficult and so even though the elk was born with the name “Paulette”, she was nicknamed “Persnickety” to symbolize her difficult nature.

The Zoo said staff were keeping a close eye on her as she went into old age.

“Staff has been monitoring Persnickety closely over the last several months as it became more clear her old age was catching up with her,” the Zoo said in a Facebook post. “Today we send off Persnickety with a special salute to the ones that challenge us by being just a tad bit fussy, difficult or demanding-we love you anyway.”

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