Wildwood Zoo Announces Death of Shadow the Gray Fox

Shadow the gray fox, courtesy of Wildwood Zoo.

MARSHFIELD, WI (Submitted to OnFocus) – The City of Marshfield Parks & Recreation Department announces the loss of Shadow, the gray fox, at the Wildwood Zoo.

Shadow was nine years old and had lived at Wildwood since he was a few weeks old. Over the course of the last year, Shadow had been declining in his mobility. As options for treatment were explored, he was placed on a series of pain management medications. These medications were not successful, and it was decided to amputate the leg with the hope of increasing his quality of life.

While the surgery went well, unfortunately, Shadow did not tolerate the reversal process. Anesthesia in animals carries inherent high risk. This is prevalent in domestic and wild animals and is something to be consider for any pet who might need a procedure done. Understanding the risks associated with any given procedure does not make accepting them easier when they occur.

Shadow was a favorite of visitors with his sweet, personable nature. He will be greatly missed. Blizzard, his exhibit mate, will be closely monitored for changes in behavior as options are explored.

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