WIAA Winter Sports Events Considerations for Fans, Schools include Live Streaming Communication

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Marshfield (OnFocus) – The WIAA Board of Control has outlined winter sports considerations for events, how schools are to keep events safe for fans and participants. For the complete winter sports guidelines, CLICK HERE

The highlights include:


  • COVID-19 Cases – Designate staff member to be responsible for responding to COVID-19 concerns. ALL coaches, staff, officials, families should know who this is.
  • Crowd Control Staffing Needs – Ensure adequate staffing to address COVID-19 matters
  • Minimize number of personnel on sidelines


  • Include sanitizing stations
  • Restroom access – establish protocols to ensure restroom capacity adheres to social distancing guidelines
  • Concession sales – consider eliminating, use cashless transactions


  • Eliminate shared water stations
  • Player benches and coaching boxes – Use paint or tape to maintain social distancing
  • Mask/facial covering on sideline for coaches and athletes not participating, if not able to maintain full social distancing


  • Face coverings – consider having masks available for purchase or to provide for those who may have forgotten to bring
  • Ticket sales – Consider steps to establish social distancing, provide sanitization station
  • Seating – Establish a procedure for social distancing guidelines. Number of spectators MUST be in accordance with state/local regulations


  • Discontinue self service operations
  • Use single use condiment packets
  • Consider barriers such as Plexiglass between employees and customers


  • Home schools are to inform visiting schools safety procedures
  • Livestreaming options for fans should be communicated to all
  • Consideration for access to events: essential to non-essential
    • Tier 1: athletes, coaches, officials, event staff, medical staff, security
    • Tier 2: media
    • Tier 3: spectators, vendors

For the complete winter sports guidelines, CLICK HERE

WIAA Winter Sports Safety Considerations

WIAA announces Event Attendance policy

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