WIAA Announces Plans for Football Playoffs

The WIAA released plans for the Football Playoffs for the 2020 season.

First reported by Travis Wilson of WisSports the WIAA will create the normal field of 244 schools, they will then divide them into 7 divisions, then divide them further into 8 groups of 4. Each group of 4 will be seeded using the new electronic seeding system and #1 will host #4 and #2 will host #3 on November 12th-14th. The winner of each game will play on November 19th-21st, the week normally reserved for the WIAA State Football Championships.

Any team without a tournament game can schedule opponents for each week, this includes both teams that do not make the playoffs or teams that do not move on to level 2.

Steven Okonek
Author: Steven Okonek