What To Do If You Find a Flea on Your Pet

what to do if you find a flea
Pet Supplies Plus

Pet Supplies Plus Shares How to Get Rid of Fleas

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – No matter how clean your home is or even if your pets never go outside, fleas often find a way inside. Not sure what to do when you find a flea? Pet Supplies Plus is equipped to help!

“If you find even just one flea on your pet, it’s important to treat it because you don’t know how many more there could be and it’s better to be safe than sorry,” said Kim Crawford, Store Team Lead at Pet Supplies Plus in Marshfield. “Pet owners should talk to their vet about regular flea and tick treatments, but we are able to help with supplies and advice for treating your pet and home when you have an issue.”

Crawford recommends the following items from Pet Supplies Plus if you find a flea:

  1. Flea shampoo
  2. Flea comb
  3. Flea collar or treatment for all pets in the home
  4. Flea spray for the home

“Your first step is going to be bathing your pet,” she said. “You can choose from a medicated treatment or many people also use Dawn dish soap. Fleas die within seconds when submerged with soapy water.”

A flea comb is a useful tool to then comb through your pet’s fur and catch any you may have missed.

“Fleas like the area around the neck, ears, and tail,” said Crawford. “Combing is a good way to really target these areas, but usually a bath and flea treatment do the trick. But, many people feel better knowing they were able to comb the fur. We have several comb options so you can find one that works for your pet.”

After bathing and combing, all pets in the home should be treated with a product that kills fleas, eggs, and larvae.

“Even if you find fleas on just one pet, your pets likely share beds, walk on the same carpet, and interact with each other,” said Crawford. “It’s important to treat all pets in the home – dogs, cats, bunnies, etc. We can help recommend a product or help you find something your vet recommended.”

She added that it’s VERY IMPORTANT to only use a product meant for that species of pet. For example, dog tick treatments are lethal for cats.

“It’s so important to note which product you are getting for which pet,” she said. “Certain dog treatments are deadly for cats and bunnies, for example.”

Pet Supplies Plus does offer prescription products through their partnership with Vetsource (learn more).

Once all pets in the home are treated, the next step involves washing bedding, blankets, and any cushioned surface.

“If you can throw it in the washing machine, that’s a great idea,” said Crawford. “Be sure to include your own bedding just in case!”

While the bedding is being washed, Crawford recommends spraying the home with a spray that kills fleas and their eggs.

“Spray the couch, carpeting, anywhere that is a cushioned surface where a flea could breed,” she said. “We have pet-safe options, of course, that smell great and work even better.”

Finish with a thorough vacuum of the entire home using a strong vacuum.

“At this point, you should be in the clear, but comb your pets every day or so just to make sure. If you have a severe infestation, be sure to call your vet and maybe think about an extermination service,” said Crawford. “That being said, fleas are very common and most cases are not a big deal. It’s a hassle to clean everything, but we try to help make the process as stress-free for our neighbors as we possibly can.”

Pet Supplies Plus offers free delivery (learn more) if you’re busy cleaning and can’t get to their store at 1810 N Central.

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