What happened to the trees from the Hefko Pool project?

OnFocus – The new Vandehey Waters Aquatic Center is under construction, but what happened to the trees that were taken out to make room for the new development?

Mike Hansen, owner of Good Earth Farms and Heritage Logcraft said he was more than willing to take the trees off the city’s hands.

“I talked to Mark Ryskiewicz [at the Marshfield Parks and Recreation Department] to say, ‘Hey would you be interested in working out something where instead of the wood going to get shredded, I can take the wood and we would find a way to get it back into the city,’” Hansen said. “Not only for me to make stuff, but maybe school shop classes, MidState, other woodworkers or people who need stuff just for projects.”

Hansen said he has helped the city remove Hickory, Butternut and other types of trees that were impeding the park project. The wood is currently at Hansen’s farm near Blenker and it has all been protected and treated to keep from rotting or splitting.

Hansen mentioned that he plans to put a kiln together so he can begin to dry the wood and make it easier to cut and use. He also would like to partner with local businesses to try and get the wood stored and dried or eventually used.

“We’ve just got to find a place in Marshfield where people can go and buy this stuff,” Hansen said. “I don’t know where or what this looks like yet but we’re kind of hoping someone will come through and say, ‘Hey, we’ve got this warehouse space.’ Otherwise, people will be able to come out to the farm and get it there.”

He said part of the reason he took the wood out of the park was to keep it from being destroyed or burned.

“Some of the wood was just so unique that was in that park,” Hansen said. “I couldn’t even imagine it just getting cut up for firewood or shredded. Some of it was so big there’s no way your average firewood user could even move it let alone cut it up.”

Hansen even saved branches from trees that were being taken down because he thinks he can make something of them.

“The Cedar trees that we took out of the pool area, I even saved the branches,” Hansen said. “I see projects in that stuff. A lot of people would just grind it up but I see projects in it so I put it away and got it protected.”

Anyone that would need the logs for projects or if they would like to discuss ideas for what could be made of the wood is encouraged to contact Hansen at 715-305-4075 or email him at [email protected]

The Marshfield Parks and Recreation Department’s vision is to provide a state-of-the-art public, outdoor aquatic center that enhances health, fitness, water safety, and recreational opportunities in Marshfield, according to its website.

The Vandehey Waters Aquatic Center project is in Phase 3 of the process.

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Neal Hogden
Author: Neal Hogden