Western Wildfires Impact Central Wisconsin Skies

Photo credit: FB/WI DNR

Contribute to Red-Looking Sun and Vibrant Sunsets

OnFocus – Things are looking a little hazy today. As states along the west coast battle some of the worst wildfires in history, smoke from those fires has traveled to the Central Wisconsin region.
According to the Wisconsin DNR, this smoke has resulted in hazy skies and beautiful sunsets here in recent days.
“The dense, persistent smoke made its way into the upper atmosphere, where strong west to east winds have pushed it across the country and even out over the Atlantic Ocean,” they said. “The smoke remains high in the atmosphere and is not expected to impact air quality in Wisconsin. Our thoughts are with those fighting the fires and those affected by them.”
Wisconsin skies are expected to have hazy, vibrant sunrises and sunsets for the next few days.
Wisconsin’s Air Program is monitoring conditions and will issue alerts if the air quality changes. Keep an eye on conditions by visiting their interactive air quality page: https://airquality.wi.gov/home/map
Photo credit: FB/WI DNR

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