Wenzel’s Farm Launches Campaign to Support Local Restaurants


Customers Will Receive Free MACCI Gift Certificate with Qualifying Online Orders

In an effort to encourage local carryout options during the Safer At Home Order, Wenzel’s Farm has launched a new campaign. For $50 or more ordered through the company’s website, Wenzel’s will include a bonus $10 MACCI gift certificate with the order. Simply apply code “SHOPLOCAL” at checkout.

Wenzel’s is encouraging customers to use the free MACCI (Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry) gift certificate towards a carryout order at a local restaurant. Each order will include a handout with a link to a list of suggested restaurants to support.

“We wanted to provide our customers the opportunity to practice Safer at Home by getting Wenzel’s Meat Snacks delivered to their door with free shipping and the opportunity to help support our community by using a MACCI gift certificate at their favorite restaurant,” said Mark Vieth, Wenzel’s Farm President.

Any $50+ online orders placed between May 11-24 will qualify for this offer, plus free shipping.

Visit their website here to shop. Apply code “SHOPLOCAL” at checkout to participate in the MACCI gift certificate promotion. For more information, contact Wenzel’s Farm at 715-387-1218, or via their website.

Wenzel’s Farm, a Castleray company, brought the craft of sausage making from Germany to Wisconsin more than 100 years ago and since the company’s founding in 1949 in Marshfield, WI that heritage continues. Tucked away in the heart of DairyLand, and still operating out of the original barn in which the brand originated, Wenzel’s Farm is a premium provider of high quality, hand crafted, small batch meat snacks and products. With dozens of awards from the likes of the American Association of Meat Processors and the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors, Wenzel’s takes great pride in crafting some of the finest, protein-packed, and naturally hardwood-smoked meat products available.

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