Weiler’s Sponsors Spay Neuter Clinics for Local Farmers

The Fix Is In/ Photo by Carrie Gillaspie

Spay Neuter Clinic Free to Local Farmers Thanks to Weiler Sponsorship

More local farm cats are getting spayed and neutered at a local cat clinic organized by Carrie Lippert Gillaspie and facilitated by The Fix Is In. (This is Gillaspie’s 4th clinic.)There is no cost to the farmers to have their cats altered, thanks to sponsorship from local Weiler Convenience Stores. The clinic is taking place Tuesday and Wednesday, with the maximum amount of 70 cats scheduled.

The Fix is In is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide high quality, affordable spay and neuter services. Their team of veterinarians and technicians travels throughout northern Wisconsin providing affordable, high quality spay/neuter services to 8+ counties.

“I started partnering with The Fix Is In and hosting these clinics for outdoor cats at my farm in Vesper over a year ago and it has really taken off,” said Gillaspie. “I quickly realized how much this type of service was needed in our community. These clinics are specifically for outdoor/barn cats that would otherwise never see a vet.”

The outdoor/barn/feral cat fee is $40 and includes surgery, ear tip & cleaning, rabies vaccination, treatment for wounds and other illnesses at the discretion of the veterinarian, and a single dose of Revolution, which treats ear mites, fleas, round and hookworms.

“Through partnerships with local businesses like Weiler’s who value this cause, these cats are able to not only be spayed or neutered, but also vaccinated, which is huge in helping stop the spread of awful diseases like rabies,” said Gillaspie.

“We are glad to sponsor this clinic to help the local farming community and their farm cats,” said Kelly Weiler. “It’s great that these kitties will no longer be reproducing, but instead living healthy and happy lives working on the farm.”

Marshfield Area Pet Shelter assists with the clinics by providing carriers, live traps, blankets, and day-of assistance.To learn more information about how the event was organized or for assistance in planning an event, contact Gillaspie at [email protected]

To donate to the cause, please visit thefixisin.org (designate that the donation is for a Lippert-Gillaspie event) or mail a tax-deductible donation to 6083 Oak Road, Vesper, WI 54489. (All donations will be used for future barn cat spay/neuter days in the area.)

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