Weiler’s Expands and Upgrades Northside Marshfield Car Wash Location

2005 N Central Ave Lava Car Wash

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) –  Weiler Convenience Store’s “Lava Car Wash” has long been a staple in the Marshfield community, and its 2005 North Central Avenue location recently underwent an expansion and remodel.

“We decided to update the car wash because we felt there was a need for more car washes in town,” said Kelly Weiler, owner.

Weiler said that the updated car wash uses an improved process and soap to provide a high-quality shine and higher level of cleanliness. The wash features a foaming ceramic sealant comprised of a specialty additive package that will bond to the surface of the vehicle providing durable protection, high gloss and water repellency.

“The dryer and the soap are both unique,” she said. “There’s an extra shine and an added fresh smell.”

The popular “light show” is still a part of the wash, to the excitement of local parents.

“People laugh that the light show is their family fun night or date night because the kids like to go through it,” said Weiler.

The new car wash is open 24 hours a day, accepting credit card and cash. For those that purchase gas, there is a discount on a car wash.

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