Wausau Police, Mayor Address Snowball Ordinance

The Wausau Police Department made a special video to clarify what an ordinance which appears to ban snowball fights is actually intended for after its supposed “snowball ban” went viral.

The ordinance states, “No person shall throw or shoot any object, arrow, stone, snowball or other missile or projectile, by hand or by any other means, at any other person.”

According to Deputy Chief Matt Barnes, the ordinance has been used to issue only about 10 citations in the last 15 years, and only twice involving snowballs. In those instances, the snowballs were being thrown at moving cars.

In the video, Wausau Mayor Robert Mielke joined officers in a snowball fight and was struck by the Deputy Chief.

Barnes was not cited in the incident.

Kaylin S
Author: Kaylin S

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