Warzynski(SPASH), Hause(S-B), Moe(Amherst), Garski(Mosinee) Among State’s QB Stats Leaders

Madison(OnFocus) – Three weeks into the season, area quarterbacks are putting together fine seasons. Area quarterbacks among the state’s best:

QB Rating

  • Landon Moe, Amherst, 151

Passing Yards Leaders

  • Trevor Garski, Mosinee, 647 yards
  • Carsen Hause, Stanley-Boyd, 613 yards
  • Riley Warzynski, SPASH, 571 yards

Passing Touchdowns Leaders

  • Riley Warzynski, SPASH, 9 TD
  • Carsen Hause, Stanley-Boyd, 8 TD

Central Wisconsin 2021 Football Schedules

Passing Yards Leaders

1. No photo neutralCarson Popp 868
2. No photo neutralCasey Marron 839
3. No photo neutralThomas Harper 825
4. No photo neutralEvan Voss 817
5. No photo neutralMyles Burkett 760
6. No photo neutralPeyton Lyon 733
7. No photo neutralJerry Kaminski 709
8. No photo neutralLogan Arrowood 687
8. No photo neutralNate Kollath 687
10. No photo neutralJackson Flottmeyer 685
11. No photo neutralKamarion James-Ragland 669
12. No photo neutralTrevor Garski 647
13. No photo neutralVito Massa 619
14. No photo neutralCarsen Hause 613
15. No photo neutralCharles Smith 602
16. Erik rise and fire smallErik Decker 601
17. No photo neutralCamdin Jansen 589
18. No photo neutralLucas Miller 585
19. No photo neutralEli Laube 582
20. No photo neutralTommy Lees 581
21. No photo neutralRiley Warzynski 571
22. No photo neutralChase Maves 567
23. No photo neutralRobby Michael 564
24. Trevor syse smallTrevor Syse 545
25. No photo neutralHunter Kleitz 539
26. No photo neutralNate Olson 537
27. No photo neutralSean Fogel 534
28. No photo neutralMason Keyes 531
28. No photo neutralBoone Kirst 531
30. No photo neutralTJ Jablonski 529
31. No photo neutralLuke Novotny 521
32. No photo neutralJack Hellman 520
33. No photo neutralBrady Foster 514
33. No photo neutralCharlie King 514
35. No photo neutralDerek Digman 500
36. Luke haertle smallLuke Haertle 495
37. No photo neutralAustin Becker 494
38. No photo neutralMason Herlitzke 493
39. No photo neutralJacob Ashmus 492
40. No photo neutralTy Clark 490
40. No photo neutralKade Rosenow 490
42. No photo neutralJonathon Daley 488
43. No photo neutralSam Dodd 487
44. No photo neutralCaden Pendleton 485
45. Drew mears smallDrew Mears 483
46. No photo neutralJosh Waite 475
47. No photo neutralGarrett Weyenberg 474
48. No photo neutralTak Tateoka 467
49. No photo neutralColin Kappel 466
50. No photo neutralNate Uselding 452

2021 Fall Sports Season Schedules


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David Keech
Author: David Keech

David Keech is a math teacher in Wisconsin Rapids and public address announcer for Abbotsord High School. He officiates basketball, baseball, and softball in central Wisconsin. He has reported on amateur sports since 2011, known as 'KeechDaVoice.' David can be reached at [email protected]