Video Celebrates Central Fire & EMS District Volunteer Rescuers

Photo credit: Jessica Lewer

OnFocus – Volunteer fire and rescue department members are integral parts of the community, sacrificing much to help keep everyone safe. For her college course Digital Short Film Project, TriMedia team member Jessica Lewer produced a video tribute to Central Fire & EMS featuring Chief Joe Mueller, who also happens to be her father.

“I chose this idea because my dad has been dedicated to be a volunteer to a fire department longer than I have been alive,” said Lewer, a nontraditional student majoring in Graphic Design: Web & Interactive Design at Rasmussen College. “It has always been a part of our lives and he’s even more dedicated now than ever before. My parents are so dedicated to the department and the community, so I wanted to honor them and the people of the department and how hard they work – especially with all the changes that have been coming this year. Their dedication is admirable and they sacrifice a lot.”

Lewer enjoyed honing her video production skills, but also cherished spending quality time with her parents.

“I enjoyed hearing my parents talk about the stories that they have to share and hearing my dad talk about how he got started – which I had never heard before and it was really interesting,” she said. “The most memorable part was going through the old photo albums from the department and seeing the many different things they’ve done.”

She was particularly moved hearing her parents discuss the many accidents and fires throughout the years.

“It sticks with them and they’ll never forget them,” said Lewer. “It was really impactful to hear about how much they are helping others and how it impacts their own lives. They carry all of that with them.”

Watch the video here:

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