UWSP Student Spotlight: Carly Rhyner

Carly Rhyner is currently a student at UWSP after transferring from UWSP at Marshfield.

With a major in Business Administration and Theatre-Drama, and a minor in Wildlife, Rhyner chose UWSP because it had everything she was looking for education-wise after transferring from Marshfield.

“I was originally going to go to Whitewater for marine biology, but I decided I wanted to do more broad things, hence my double major and minor,” she said.

Currently employed at Maurices in Marshfield as an assistant manager, she is also a research assistant on campus.

Rhyner volunteers with Marshfield Area Pet Shelter (MAPS) and Campus Community Players in Marshfield, where she has held roles in three plays and is currently starring in another one.

“Because of my involvement in theatre at the Marshfield campus and the support of faculty and staff, I have decided to add my theatre major at the main campus and have successfully been added to the program,” she said. “The community and UWSP, hand in hand, encouraged my current involvement with theatre and plays. The theatre program at UWSP is shaping me into a better performer by giving me hands on experience off the stage as well.”

Rhyner, who expects to graduate in 2021, said her education is preparing her for a successful career.

“UWSP is helping me prepare for a career by having such supportive faculty and staff,” she said. “The classes have great content, but the people make it a better experience for me. Whenever there is an issue or I have a question, everyone is so optimistic and willing to help one another.”

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