UW Stout Professor Explains “Flatten the Curve”

flatten the curve explanation
How to Flatten the Curve with Alex Hall M.D. | UW-Stout

As COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to spread in Wisconsin, the term “Flatten the Curve” has become prevalent across social media.

Alexandra Hall M.D., a physician and biology instructor at UW-Stout, posted a video called “How to Flatten the Curve” that explains the reasoning behind the many closures and cancellations.

“If uncontrolled, what we will see is exponential rise,” she explains in the video, displaying via white board how exponential rise can overwhelm the capacity of the health care system.

“When we don’t have enough hospital beds, ventilators, and medicine for whatever condition it might be, is we get unnecessary deaths – and that’s what we want to avoid,” she said. “We want to slow it down and spread it out. If we institute containment measures, we can keep it so that the number of cases doesn’t come so fast and furious.”

“Our goal is to slow it down and spread it out and flatten the curve,” she said. She also explains how social distancing, hand washing, and eliminating hand-shaking and face-touching can help stop the spread.

Watch the video via UW-Stout’s page, here:

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