Update on the Search for Zachary Vasa

OnFocus – It has been months since the disappearance of Zachary Vasa and his family is upping the ante to try and find the 32-year old.

The family has reportedly been asking for donations to use as a reward for anyone able to provide information on his whereabouts. If no one comes forward, the reward will be used as a fund for Vasa’s son, Silas. As of Wednesday morning they have raised $1,115 of their $2,000 goal. You can donate through the designated Facebook Page.

The ongoing investigation has hit a dead end but Wood County Sheriff Shawn Becker said he knows how to find Vasa.

“One thing I’d like to note is that the suspect is in jail, Jacob Immerfall, he has information,” Becker said. “He’s in custody on charges related to this case. He needs to come forward for the family. The Vasa family has been waiting a long time, months since he went missing and Mr. Immerfall knows where we can find him.”

Immerfall was arrested in late July of last year after authorities followed a lead to his residence and found traces of potential human remains on his property as well as drug paraphernalia. Read more about his arrest Here.

Becker said authorities are encouraging Immerfall’s family to put pressure on Jacob to tell them where Vasa is.

“Bottom line is he should come forward and we’re asking him to do that, along with trying to encourage his family to try to tell him to do that because it’s the right thing to do,” Becker said. “He has information. Let the Vasa family have some closure. It’s just a very, very unfortunate set of circumstances and again it’s an ongoing investigation.”

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