Upcoming Road Projects for Marshfield in 2020

(OnFocus) The City of Marshfield will be undertaking many road construction projects in 2020. The project schedule includes the reconstruction of Cleveland Street between S. Walnut and E. Doege Street. (Read our archived article on Street Smarts here, which explains how the City determines which roads to fix.)

Also noteworthy is an overlay project on S. Central Ave. from Wildwood Park to just past the intersection of 29th Street.

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A reconstruction project for an alley east of Central Ave. between 5th and 6th Street is delayed to a future date, also a mill-in-place project on North Ash Ave. between E. Becker Rd. and E. Franklin St. is moved to 2021.

Weather permitting, a mill-in-place project on North Hills Ave. between Wood Ave. and W. Upham Street is scheduled to begin on Monday, April 27. An overlay project on S. Oak Ave. between W. 14th St. and Omaha St. is scheduled to begin Thursday, April 30.

Here’s what’s in the lineup for 2020, according to the City’s Engineering Division:

Reconstruction Projects:

A full reconstruction of storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water main, gas, driveway aprons, and new concrete pavement and curbs.

  1. Cleveland Street –

Where: Between S. Walnut Ave. and E. Doege St.

Overlay Projects:

An overlay project consists of spot repairs to the storm and sanitary systems, adjusting catch basins and manholes, and a two to three inch asphalt surface.

  1. S. Oak Ave. 

Where: Between W. 14th St. and Omaha St.

  1. 14th St.

Where: Between S. Vine Ave. and S. Peach Ave.

  1. Peach Ave. 

Where: Between E. 14th St and E. 17th St.

W McMillan St. 

Where: Between N. St. Joseph Ave. and Pheasant Run Dr.

  1. Central Ave. 

Where: Between Wildwood Park (E. 21st St.) and just past the intersection of 29th St.

Mill-In-Place Projects

A mill-in-place project consists of any spot repairs to the storm and sanitary systems, ditching with drain tile, and pulverizing of existing pavement. This is followed by new asphalt pavement and driveway aprons, along with new gravel shoulders.

Butternut Pkwy

Where: Between S. 17th St .and Tremmel Ct.

North Hills Ave.

Where: Between N. Wood Ave. and W. Upham St, and includes the Cul-de-Sac.

The N Wood Ave.

Where: Between W. McMillan St. and W. Upham St.

W 13th St.

Where: Between S. Adams Ave. and S Locust Ave.

S Locust Ave

Where: Between W. 13th St. and W. 14th St.

Apple Ave. and E. Cleveland St. 

Where: Between E. Doege St and N Palmetto Ave.

Hume Ave. 

Where: Between E. Blodgett St. and E. Fillmore St.

W Fairview Dr. 

Where: Between N. Schmidt Ave. to Cul-de-Sac.

S Schmidt Ave.

Where: Between E 14th St. and E 17th St.

26th St. 

Where: Between S Felker Ave and S Washington Ave.

Mulberry Ave 

Where: Between E. 4th to the Cul-de-Sac and includes both Cul-de-Sac bulbs.

25th St. 

Where: Between S. Felker Ave. and S. Butternut Pwky.

4th St. 

Where: Between S. Larch Ave. and S. Mulberry Ave.

Downwind Drive

Where: Between Airpark Rd to the Cul-de-Sac.

Alley (1)

Where: By N. Central Ave., E. Cleveland St, N. Maple Ave., and E. Blodgett St.

Alley (2)

Where: By N. Central Ave., E Edison St, N Maple Ave, and E. Doege St.



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