Union Members on Strike at Masonite

After being unable to reach a contractual agreement, members of the Local 1733 Carpenters Union are on strike at Masonite, in Marshfield.

“Last night, the contract was voted down for the second time. It’s not an economic strike, it’s about working conditions,” said Greg Coenen, a representative from the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters. “People are concerned about the amount of overtime on Saturdays and that’s the issue. These people do a lot of volunteering of overtime and the company wants mandatory three out of four Saturdays per month. Quality of life is important to the people and they spoke loud and clear.”

According to Coenen, the first offer the company provided members was rejected by a 5-1 margin. Last night’s contract was rejected by a 2-1 margin.

“These people are upset about the way the schedule of overtime is. It’s not about having to work overtime – most of these people do work a lot of overtime – but it’s the way it’s administered,” he said. “The working relationship is awesome, it’s just that one sticking point. Hopefully it will be short-lived.”

Members are practicing social distancing, maintaining a 6-foot distance and limiting to five people on the strike line.

“The message to our people is ‘be respectful, be considerate, and adhere to Governor Ever’s restrictions as residents of the great State of Wisconsin’,” said Coenen.

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