Council Overrides Mayoral Appointment Recommendation

Two Council Members Appointed to City Negotiating Team for Collective Bargaining

Marshfield (OnFocus) – At Tuesday’s meeting, the City of Marshfield Common Council discussed a request to authorize Mayor Bob McManus to appoint Council members to the City negotiating team for collective bargaining with the police union.

The City’s current labor agreement with the police union expires on December 31, 2020, with it now being time to begin negotiating a collective bargaining agreement for the next three years.

In recent years, the City’s negotiating team has consisted of the mayor, 1-2 Council members, City Administrator, Human Resources Director, Finance Director, Police or Fire Chief, and a Police & Fire Commission representative.

This year, four council members expressed interest in serving, including Adam Fischer, Ed Wagner, Nick Poeschel, and Rebecca Spiros. Because there are only spots for two aldermen on the committee, the City Attorney researched how to proceed with the appointment.

Section 3-67(2) of the Marshfield Municipal Code sets forth the process for appointments to “special committees,” however because this isn’t considering a typical “special committee,” the City Attorney suggested asking if Council would authorize the Mayor to appoint the Council representatives to serve on the City’s negotiating team.

Buttke moved to have Council representatives choose the two appointees. Alderman Hendler seconded the motion. That motion carried 7-3.

Buttke then moved to appoint Alderman Wagner and Alderwoman Spiros to the bargaining team.

That motion also carried 7-3, with Feirer, Poeschel, and Rosandich voting No. Bardender, Wagner, Witzel, Fischer, Spiros, Buttke, and Hendler voted Yes.

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