Trooper Rear-Ended in La Crosse County

Photo: Wisconsin State Patrol Facebook

Trooper Rear-Ended in La Crosse County

LA CROSSE COUNTY – On March 19, 2020, at approximately 6:00 PM, a trooper with the Wisconsin State Patrol Tomah Post and a deputy with the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Office responded to a crash on I-90 eastbound near mile marker 20 (near the La Crosse/Monroe County lines).

A deputy was blocking the left lane with his squad car next to the trooper, with emergency lights activated to protect the scene of the crash. Another La Crosse County deputy was parked some distance behind the first deputy and trooper to give advanced warning to approaching traffic.

After passing the advanced warning deputy with lights activated, traffic was slowing/stopped ahead. The semi-driver was unable to stop in time, changed into the left lane and rear-ended the first deputy’s squad.

Fortunately, the deputy was not in his squad at the time of the crash. No injuries were reported.

A Wisconsin State Patrol Motor Carrier Inspector responded to the scene to conduct a post-crash inspection of the semi-unit and driver. The initial crash and secondary crash remain under investigation by the Wisconsin State Patrol.

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