Town of Rock Gets First Look at Frac Sand Mining Plans

Reclamation Plan Proposes a Public Lake

The Town of Rock Board and citizens got their first look at a proposed 130-acre sand mine to be located at the corner of County Road V and MacArthur Drive. Coulee Frac Sand and Carbo Ceramics applied for Conditional Use Permits to mine the property in Wood County over the next 10-14 years. As the first step in this process, they gave a presentation of the mining process and what their reclamation plan is. You can see the full presentation and discussion here.

A reclamation plan is required for any mining operation and requires specific actions the mining company will take upon project completion to make the property usable again by either landowners or the public. The plan proposed at the meeting would involve turning the mine into a large lake that could be open to the public.

Pete Winistorfer, Chair of the board, laid out the process for approval of the Conditional Use permits, which will include the creation of a citizen’s committee to review the application and take citizens comments, and meetings of the zoning board and town board to make final decisions on the permits. The town has 60 days to approve, reject, or amend the permits.

The first meeting of the citizen’s committee will be Tuesday, August 21 at 7 p.m. in the Town of Rock Hall at 10970 County Hwy N southwest of Marshfield. The public is encouraged to attend and provide their input on this plan.

If the permits are approved Coulee Frac Sand could start preparing the site as early as November with the mine beginning full operations in the spring of 2019.

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