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Top 26 questions about COVID

With so much uncertainty about the coronavirus pandemic, questions abound on a variety of fronts.

Who will get the first vaccines?

Why do I need to wear a mask when I leave the house?

How can I protect my elderly parents?

These questions and many more are all answered and more, in an article published HERE

Who will be the first to get COVID-19 vaccines?

What does COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness mean?

How do COVID-19 symptoms differ from flu symptoms?

Is COVID-19 dangerous for young people?

Is COVID-19 more dangerous for men?

Are smokers more at risk for COVID-19?

How do asymptomatic people spread COVID-19?

How long does COVID-19 survive on different surfaces?

Can dogs and other pets get COVID-19?

How can I naturally boost my immune system?

Is it safe to take ibuprofen?

Which over-the-counter medicines can safely alleviate symptoms?

What cleaning products will kill the virus?Will wearing gloves protect you?

Why is handwashing so important? 

David Keech
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